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Why should I treat my self-publishing as a business?
October 21, 2012
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                                                                                              Via: Flickr Run your self-publishing efforts as a business. You’ve probably heard this many times before, but why does it get said so often? Lately I’ve seen several people ignoring this advice and I don’t understand why. Some are […]
Lets go to the bank
August 19, 2012
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The next step of this whole company-building process is to establish a banking account for your sole-proprietorship. The reason for this is simplicity and taxes. You’ll want to establish your business account with both checking, and a credit card issued in the name of your business. All your business transactions, from this point forward, should be done using one of these two forms of payment. I took the extra step of opening a PayPal account using the company credit card as well. Fortunately, banks are […]
Dealing with the Press
August 10, 2012
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Once you have your certificate from the state and your tax certificate from the county, it’s time to make a declaration. I am a publisher, hear me roar! Actually, it’s just a small ad in the business section of your local paper informing the public that you’ve created a publishing company and declaring what name you’ll be doing business under. It’s a formality, but one that has to be done. It’s formally known as an Affidavit of Publication and the state requires it. What it […]
Big Brother
June 4, 2012
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Big Brother Forming your own publishing company requires registration with the state your business intends to operate in. It’s about as much fun as it sounds. Since it’s a business you’re starting you need to decide what type you’ll be registering as. There are several options, and I won’t go into them here as I don’t write that type of book, you’ll have to research that yourself. I chose to file as a sole proprietor. It’s the simplest form and basically says that the business […]