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New Release Self Publishing The Twelve Shepherds
Revolution is out!
October 18, 2017
  Click on your favorite online shop to get it now! Amazon iTunes Kobo Barnes & Noble Google Play Previously published as Homeland, Revolution, the eighth novel of the Jack Randall series, and the fourth of The Twelve Shepherds saga, is now available with a 20% discount. If you didn’t read Homeland when it was available, get it now before it goes full price!   *** With the escape of the captured Shepherd, Special Agent Jack Randall of the FBI finds himself and his case […]
New Release The Twelve Shepherds
Cross the Rubicon
October 1, 2017
Rubicon: : a bounding or limiting line; especially one that when crossed commits a person irrevocably. Where did this word come from? In 49 B.C., Julius Caesar led his army to the banks of the Rubicon, a small river that marked the boundary between Italy and Gaul. Caesar knew Roman law forbade a general from leading his army out of the province to which he was assigned. By crossing the Rubicon, he would violate that law. “The die is cast,” he said, wading in. That act […]
New Release Self Publishing The Twelve Shepherds
The Resistance is here. Twelve Shepherds, Book Two
September 24, 2017
    Book Two of The Twelve Shepherds Saga is now live. *** While Anna struggles with her new identity, the Shepherds mission continues. But a mistake is made. One that may compromise one of their own. At the same time, their opposition intensifies, as Special Agent Jack Randall of the FBI returns from the cold to become the head of the investigation. He quickly monopolizes on the Shepherds mistake and zeros in on the band of assassins. But even if he manages to capture […]
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September 15, 2017
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  See where it says “Winds 110 mph”? My house is right underneath that. This is how our hurricane experience went: First, I should probably explain why I was even there. Since my wife and I were dumb enough to pick medicine as a career, we get the added bonus of having to ride out every hurricane that travels through! We were both in stand-bye mode for the duration of the storm. Casa Wood was buttoned down as tight as I could get it. We […]
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September 3, 2017
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The Twelve Shepherds live. The complete story now unfolds in six full-length, totally remastered novels. The first of which will hit stores next week. The Shepherds are coming, warn all your friends.
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What’s going on with THE TWELVE SHEPHERDS?
April 23, 2017
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  I know it’s been awhile since the last episode, so I thought I better explain why. First of all, I have NOT abandoned the story. I would never do that. I took a little time to write HOMELAND (out now) and am now back to working on The Twelve Shepherds. BUT, due to reader input, I am re-working the format. The serial format worked for some, but a majority of you expressed that the story be told in novel format instead. (Some of you […]
Apple Life New Release The Twelve Shepherds Travel
The new Jack Randall book available for pre-order!
February 22, 2017
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I took time out from writing The Twelve Shepherds to pen a new Jack Randall thriller. It’s available on Amazon, Apple, Google Play, and Kobo for Pre-order (at a lower price) and the final version will out on April 15th. I give you…the blurb: When desperate people fleeing the path of a major hurricane chose to do so through the tiny border town of Homeland, Florida, it brings trouble the town is not prepared for.   Special Agent Jack Randall of the FBI, and his […]
Kindle Unlimited New Release Self Publishing The Twelve Shepherds
TTS, Episode Two of Season Two
November 26, 2016
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As you may have guessed, I watch the news…a lot. For inspiration, mainly, also to be informed, but that seems to require more and more work these days. The amount of potential ideas the political arena has spit out lately have come at a rate I can barely keep up with. Stranger than fiction has never been more true. The second season of The Twelve Shepherds is undergoing several changes as a result of all of this, and I apologize for this episode being late. […]
Kindle Unlimited New Release The Twelve Shepherds
August 6, 2016
Some of you are jokingly…at least I think you’re joking…about the FBI coming to see me about the stuff I write. This conversation may or may not have actually happened. Knock-Knock. Me: “What!?” Unknown asshole at the door: “Mr. Wood? It’s the FBI.” Me: “Again? What do you want this time?” FBI: “It’s about your latest book?” Me: “What about it?” FBI: “We find some of the things you are saying to be similar to some people we’ve had a problem with in the past.” […]
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The clicking….
July 17, 2016
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Do you hear it? My wife does. My kids do. Even the dog. Its why none of them are around me right now. It’s not my keyboard, they’re use to that. Its…my mouse. If you ever wondered what an author does the day after he releases a book to the public? It’s this. Mouse clicking. Lots of it. We open every sales tab we can and spend the day clicking back and forth waiting to see if anybody took a chance on our book. Its […]