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What’s going on with THE TWELVE SHEPHERDS?
April 23, 2017
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  I know it’s been awhile since the last episode, so I thought I better explain why. First of all, I have NOT abandoned the story. I would never do that. I took a little time to write HOMELAND (out now) and am now back to working on The Twelve Shepherds. BUT, due to reader input, I am re-working the format. The serial format worked for some, but a majority of you expressed that the story be told in novel format instead. (Some of you […]
Happy Easter
April 16, 2017
Jack Randall is back in HOMELAND
April 15, 2017
Hello from sunny Florida, USA. Where we like to combine tax day with our holidays. So I figured, “Why not put out a book to ease the pain?” Jack too is in Florida. While pursuing the Twelve Shepherds case, he and Sydney take a side trip to the beach-side town of Jupiter. A passing hurricane makes life rough for the locals and then returns to make Jack’s life even more miserable. The blurb: When desperate people fleeing the path of a major hurricane chose to do […]
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The new Jack Randall book available for pre-order!
February 22, 2017
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I took time out from writing The Twelve Shepherds to pen a new Jack Randall thriller. It’s available on Amazon, Apple, Google Play, and Kobo for Pre-order (at a lower price) and the final version will out on April 15th. I give you…the blurb: When desperate people fleeing the path of a major hurricane chose to do so through the tiny border town of Homeland, Florida, it brings trouble the town is not prepared for.   Special Agent Jack Randall of the FBI, and his […]
I’m no longer in Kindle Unlimited!
January 4, 2017
I’m FREE! In more ways than one. Let me explain. Three months ago I tried an experiment. I pulled my books from all the other vendors and went all-in with Amazons KU program. I was following the advice of many that had gone before me and decided to give it a try to see if I could emulate their success there. It was a decision I thought about long and hard, but in the end I decided was worth the 90-day commitment. I was wrong. […]
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TTS, Episode Two of Season Two
November 26, 2016
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As you may have guessed, I watch the news…a lot. For inspiration, mainly, also to be informed, but that seems to require more and more work these days. The amount of potential ideas the political arena has spit out lately have come at a rate I can barely keep up with. Stranger than fiction has never been more true. The second season of The Twelve Shepherds is undergoing several changes as a result of all of this, and I apologize for this episode being late. […]
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So, some things have happened.
November 19, 2016
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Being a writer involves much more than writing. The daydreaming and doodling and creating part are the best. The actual writing part can be both fun and aggravating, but mostly fun. I enjoy it immensely, and with the help of Bill (my assistant) I can now do it more and not spend as much time on the parts of the job which I enjoy less. But the other parts cannot be ignored. Writing is also very much a business and with that in mind one […]
Season One is over, so let’s make a giant book out of it!
October 18, 2016
      And I do mean giant: over 1000 pages! Take that, Tom Clancy! I’ve just beaten your biggest doorstop by 300 pages! Victory is mine! Victory is mine! Victory is mine! “Didn’t Clancy die a few years ago?” Yes. My victory is over a dead man. Don’t ruin this for me. The message here is not that I beat Tom Clancy — even though I did — but it’s that you can get all of season one of The Twelve Shepherds in one […]
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TTS Season Two, Episode One is out!
October 17, 2016
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Yes, that’s Dayton on the cover. So grab it and see what’s happening! Is Number 6 free? Did the General survive? What did William do about the former Vice President? Where are Dayton and Anna at? This all gets answered in the first round of season two. Click here.
Episode 10, and a look to the future.
September 4, 2016
No, not giving any crystal ball like predictions or announcing the successful test of my time machine. Still working on that though, I’ll let you know.   Just letting the world know that Episode 10 of The Twelve Shepherds is out and awaiting you at Amazon. It has all the stuff you’ve come to expect. Someone gets their ass kicked. Things are blown up. The good guys battle the bad guys and the evil guys and everyone thinks they are the good guys. It gets […]